SPT (Standart Penetration Test)

The tests were carried out using a standard dynamic sensing device. The “УГБ-1ВС” & “MS-750” device was used during these tests. The dynamic probe consists of a cylindrical, conical bottom, thin-thick tipped core-receiving tube (sleeve) with an outer diameter of 51 mm and an inner diameter of 35 mm.

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To conduct the test, bars (pipes) with a diameter of 50 mm, lengths of 1.5-3.0 m and a hammer (cylindrical load) weighing 63.5 kg are used. SPT tests were performed based on the results of the probe tip penetrating the rock from a free fall impact of 63.5 kg from a height of 760 mm. Test results are given in dynamic sounding logs and geological-lithological columns of wells. Standard determination of density of soils (standard penetration tests – SPT) was carried out according to ASTMD-1586 and BS-D 1586-99 (British) standards. The soil cores removed from the core-receiving casings are equipped with labels and packed in boxes inside plastic bags.

Work Principles

The following table shows the results of dynamic zoning conducted on these soils:

(M.G.E)Qruntun adıSınaqların sayıZərbələrin minimal sayıZərbələrin maksimal sayıZərbələrin orta sayı

As can be seen from the table, the number of blows required for the probe to penetrate the soil by 30 cm is different. This number varied from 22 to 28 in sands, and from 22 to 75 in clays. According to BS-D 1586-99 (British) standards, these soils are classified as medium-density sand, semi-solid and hard clay.

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