Hydrogeology Engineering

The hydrogeological service of Engineer-Geolog Ltd. is based on extensive experience in the investigation, management and optimal utilization of subsea resources. Our team of experts conducts subsea research and analysis and provides important information for developing effective water utilization strategies.

Utilization of modern technologies

Proper assessment of the quality and resources of subsea sources is one of the most important steps in analyzing water supply and ensuring its optimal supply. Our hydrogeology service, together with state-of-the-art technology and our experienced specialists, conducts detailed studies of subsea sources and offers our clients efficient and optimal water management based on this information.

About Service

Engineer-Geolog LLC operates with an independent and objective approach in the search, investigation and optimal utilization of subsea resources. Our goal is to identify strategies and actions based on analysis and research to secure water resources quickly and efficiently. By offering our clients the most effective water management measures, we make great strides in ensuring optimal and appropriate utilization of water resources.

Ensure Quality by Entrusting the Work to Us