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Pressuremeter tests

The deformation module of rock and disperse rock are determined up to a depth of 50 m through Menard Pressuremeter which is manufactured by APAGEO.

Pressuremeter tests are conducted as follows: camera with elastic walls are launched to the finished well. Then, this camera is filled up with water and determined pressure is applied to the soil. Later, deformation property (deformation module) is determined through measuring cylinder.

We’d like to mention additionally about pressuremeter that the strength and deformation properties of sandy and gravel – clay soils (with gravel mixture up to 30%) are evaluated more effectively by means of it.

The theoretical justification of the pressuremeter method lies in the fact that the deformation of soil occurs by the effect of stamp.

Increasing the pressure of pressuremeter on the well’s wall causes the deformation of mountainous rocks and this process occurs at 3 stages: compression, local displacement and disintegration. It is mainly intended that the deformation shall occur at  2 stages in soils for the development of calculation scheme: compression characterized with linear dependence of the deformation depending on the impact, including disintegrations happening from local displacements occurred depending pressure and deformation.

These surveys were implemented  in accordance with the requirements of GOST 30672-99 (Soils. Field tests. General conditions) mainly under field conditions.