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Geophysical surveys

Geophysical surveys were conducted using seismological device “SARA RS232 electronic instruments”. Different points are used as a source energy along the profile by a blow with a hammer in order to get information.

Seismological software “DoReMi” was used under field conditions and SEİSMOWIN, PICWIN and PLOTREFA software was used for the processing and interpretation of received seismic information.

Using Refracted waves method (RWM) and Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), the borders and thicknesses of the layers were determined. MASW is also able to reflect the speed typical in this area and determine deceptive layers. It should be noted that the speed of discontinuous waves was found by MASW method and the speed of refracted waves by VS and Poisson ratio.

The purpose of seismic survey works is to determine longitudinal Vp and transverse Vs waves in the rocks forming the cut, separate layers according to the difference of velocities of the spread of P and S waves in the profile and track  the cut in the field to the depth.

As a result of seismic survey works, the Poisson and Jung module of elasticity coefficients were calculated.